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Da Nang culinary: Banh Xeo, Nem Lui, Bun Thit Nuong

The raining season has just begun. Rain all day with a chill of cold wind makes people looking for something to warm up their...

The Morning exercise

It is quite hard for young people to wake up in such an early hour like this in the morning. But if you are...

Da Nang’s Noodle Dishes (NOT Pho) – Part 1

Vietnamese Noodle is not only Pho and traveling to Da Nang is one of the way to see it: “Da Nang’s foodie scene can be...

Midnight in Da Nang

If the jet lag bother you in night or you just want to hang around in the midnight at Da Nang, most of my...

Da Nang from above – 5 places to have superb view

Looking for best sightseeing experience in Da Nang, below is some of my suggestions: 1. Sky Bar 360   Address: 36th stage of Novotel hotel, Bạch Đằng...

Experiences Da Nang in 1 day

A lot of my friends who travel to Da Nang have no idea what to do in here, mostly because it’s a small city...

Walking with the Queen of langurs

Proudly introducing our treasure, the Red-shanked douc and you also have a chance to see it by your own eyes in the forest.

4 everyday crazy things to do in Da Nang

Get up at 4 am, driving motorcycle on one of the most dangerous roads in VN, eating top terrifying food of the world, that's just some crazy thing you can do in Da Nang.