The Morning exercise


It is quite hard for young people to wake up in such an early hour like this in the morning. But if you are up to a Vietnamese morning exercise, let wake up at 4:45 am. It doesn’t need much to prepare for, just suitable sport clothes and a bottle of water, then we are ready to go.

As a hobby, a group of Danang’ citizens wake up around 5 am in the morning just to meet up for a morning exercises. All kind of exercises can be seen there such as group sport dancing, badminton, warm up exercises, yoga, cycling… And the locations are wide to choose, from Han riverside to the beaches. Some people take a tour as well, starting from the bridge (mostly Han River bridge or Dragon bridge) to the beaches and back.

Today, instead of having a calm indoor yoga exercise, I decide to take a walk along the beach. There are no need to rush, just steadily walking, dipping your bare foot into the cold moister sand, breathing in and out the fresh and salty air of the sea, listening to the sea and bathing yourself in the warm sunlight of an early morning.


The morning is alive with energy and enthusiasm and nothing is better than working out in a clean-fresh air of an early morning. Vehicles are seldom seen at that time. The only sound you can hear is music from dancing groups or people calling each other for exercises or the sound of the sea if you go to the beach.


The tranquility moment when warming up your body for a new day and waiting for sun to rise is a must try moment when coming to Danang city. In addition, you will be surrounded a motivated atmosphere. How can you be lazy when people are working out all around you?


Tuan Pham